01 January 2005

Homes - Lincoln

4, St Peter’s Avenue, Cherry Willingham, Lincoln.

We bought this house in January 1979 and sold it in December 1983. A former RAF Married Quarter, when we bought it (by sealed auction) it was empty and the garden consisted entirely of grass. As can be seen by the photograph, some improvements were made over the four years we lived there despite the fact that I spent about 20 months commuting to and from RAF Honington and 3 months at St Mawgan during the time we owned it.

It had 4 bedrooms which meant that the children could have a bedroom each. Situated at the entrance to a cul-de-sac, it was very quietly situated. We did have a neighbour who kept an eye on the house and told us when out elder son climbed in through the front dormer bedroom window one day when he forgot his key. Neighbourhood Watch eh!

4, Finch Close, Birchwood, Lincoln.

A brand new two bedroomed RAF Married Quarter, we moved in here in mid 1968 and stayed there until we moved to Stilton. By November 1969, we had three children but decided against applying for a three bedroomed quarter because we were so happy where we were and didn’t want the hassle of another move.

This photograph was taken on a visit in 2006.

21 Canberra Square, Waddington, Lincoln

Our first real home together, we moved here in August 1967 and were here when both Andrew and Annette were born. We moved out when Annette was six weeks old, so that the house could be modernised. It was an old fashioned house, but homely nonetheless.

1967 - Front - Pop (Jack), Doreen & Andrew - Back

93, Rasen Lane, Lincoln.

We rented rooms here for about eight months. We had our own sitting room and bedroom and shared the kitchen and bathroom. We also had the use of a garage, all for the princely sum of £3-10-0 per week. The house was owned by a brother and sister and was situated just to the north of Lincoln Castle and Cathedral. The couple were very pleasant but I cannot say that we enjoyed it very much and spent virtually every weekend in Bradford.

This photograph was taken in 2006.