01 January 2005

About Me

My name is John & I was born on 18 March 1941 in Camarthen General Infirmary. I had one brother, Michael, sadly no longer with us having died at the age of 44. I married Maria on 14 November 1964 and we have three Children and four Grandchildren.

Although born in Wales, I have no previous Welsh ancestry. My Pop’s family comes almost exclusively from Kent and my Mum, although born in Devon traces her ancestry back to Leicester, Kent, Luxembourg and Germany.
My school days were all spent in Yorkshire; Upper Wortley County Primary then St Michael’s College in Leeds followed by St Bede’s Grammar School in Bradford.
I left school in 1958 and joined the Royal Air Force as an Apprentice in the 89th Entry at RAF Halton and spent the next 37 years and 9 months serving Queen and Country with my last posting being 13 years at RAF St Mawgan, near Newquay in Cornwall. Since leaving the RAF, I worked at RNAS Culdrose in a variety of guises, finally retiring on 31 Aug 2007.
I played lots of sports including Hockey, representing Lincolnshire and and Combined Services. I played Golf with my lowest handicap being 7. Sadly due to shoulder injuries, I have only played about three times in four years.

The photograph above was taken in May 2005.