04 February 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

As the title says, what a difference a day makes. The following two photos were taken 24 hours apart at approximately the same place:

03 February 2009

04 February 2009

03 February 2009

More Snow

Although no-one should have noticed the difference, this Blog has changed location and is now at http://johnturnersramblings.blogspot.com/. This accounts for the slightly changed layout and the fact that the archive page index looks neater; at least I think that it does.

Much snow has fallen in various parts of the country and Cornwall is no different. Thank goodness that we don't have to go out to work. We did go out for a walk today and I dragged Maria up the "mountain". It was a beautiful day and I hope that the following photos give some idea of what our surroundings looked like.

Early Sunlight over the Rhododendrons

John up the "Mountain"

Maria walking through the Woods

Maria at the Entrance to Roseveare House

P.S. No more Mice - hooray!