22 August 2008

Visitors - Charlotte & Curtis

We had hoped that the weather would change for the extended stay of our two oldest grandchildren. They were keen to go to the beach but, as it turned out, they spent more time playing in the fields in between showers. It wasn't a total disaster as they did manage to cut the bottom field one day as can be seen by the following photo:

In addition, Curtis managed to cut the "cricket pitch" using the cylinder mower. This was quite funny to start with because when he pulled the 'self drive' lever, the mower pulled him along with the cutters in the air, however he stuck with it and finished the job in style.

The three of us also spent several hours building the Turf Wall, whilst the children also decided to start building a 'den' in the top field in the middle of the bracken.

We did manage to get out and visit the Screech Owl Sanctuary one day and Charlotte was one of those selected to help in the flying display. The following photo shows her posing with a Tawny Owl.

We hope that they enjoyed their stay and that their muscles are somewhat larger now after all the digging. Perhaps their next visit will bring more settled weather.

14 August 2008

Visitors - Paul, Emma, Holly, Jack & Barnaby

No sooner had Nick, Karen, Connor and Joe gone home, leaving Charlotte and Curtis for a further week, than we had a visit from nephew Paul and family, who were staying in rented accommodation just outside Newquay. They came for lunch and the afternoon on Monday; fortunately, the weather stayed fine so we could get outside with the children who enjoyed rides on the "tractor". I took some photos but failed to get the one that I really should have got, which was all the family together. Paul took one of Barnaby on the tractor with me, but unfortunately I haven't received it yet so I have included one of him "driving" his Dad's car. He is absolutely fascinated with cars so looks like following in the footsteps of his Dad and Granddad.

They are a really lovely family and it was a pleasure to have them in our home. I hope they enjoyed their brief stay and that we see them again soon.




13 August 2008

Visitors - Nick, Karen & Family

As will be noted from my last post, Nick, Karen & family arrived before Andrew, Amy & Molly left. Nick, Karen and Curtis had stayed Friday night with Annette & Clive, whilst Charlotte and Connor stayed with us.
On Saturday, Andrew, Amy & Molly departed and Joe stayed on for another week with his cousins. The weather remained variable but they managed an afternoon out on the beach with some friends of theirs and went to Crealy with Annette on Sunday.
One day, the weather looked good so we set off for Newquay to have a picnic on the beach but didn't get as far as Quintrell Downs before we were caught up in a traffic jam which looked to go on forever. Plan B came into operation and we turned around and came home and had the picnic in the field. We put up the paddling pool and slide and the children got wet. In the end, the sun went and the rain came but at least we had some fun in the meantime.
On the next Friday we all went to Flambards at Helston where the weather stayed fine for us all day and the children and Nick went on lots of rides. The highlight was Maria holding a tarantula, albeit, somewhat reluctantly. What a time for me to have forgotten the camera!
Maria and I left about 3.30 and came home so that I had time to cut some of the grass. As I write this, that was nearly a week ago and I still haven't managed to cut the fields as they are still too wet.
One of the jobs that I have been promising to do was to dig out the old garden gate, which was buried vertically by the side of the garden wall. When Nick asked if there was anything he could do to help one day, he probably didn't think he would spend a couple of hours digging. Anyway, he did a great job and the gate is now awaiting disposal, when I can figure out how to get it to the scrap metal tip. Hopefully, the photo gives some idea of the size of the gate - thanks again Nick.

11 August 2008

Post Script

Just in case anyone thinks we are a scruffy family, as seen in the previous Post, we had just finished playing cricket during which game I managed to throw the bat further than I hit the ball and then broke the bat completely.


10 August 2008

Family Visit - Andrew, Amy, Joe & Molly

It has been a while since I updated the Blog so here goes.

A couple of weeks ago we had the first of our Family visits, with Andrew, Amy, Joe and Molly arriving for a week. Molly, Amy's niece, seems to have adopted us as extra grandparents, which we find very pleasing. Over the week, the weather was pretty appalling, which made trips out very hazardous. Even playing in the garden and fields was a recipe for yet more wet clothes and feet. We did spend a day at Cornwall's Crealy, which was OK until fairly late in the afternoon. We still got wet but that was self inflicted on the water slides and log flume. Unfortunately, late on the rain came when we were at the far extremes of the park. Of course, the little train back to the entrance was not running so, hidden under cheap(?) plastic rain covers, we did manage to make it back to the cars. The four of them did manage a couple of trips out, including Padstow but what a shame that they saw Cornwall in this weather. I suppose that, when they came in February, they were lucky in that we spent time on the beach and the children even got into the sea.

Because they were leaving on Saturday, and Nick and family arrived on Friday, I asked Andrew to take a Family photograph on Saturday morning, the result of which is below. It is not often that the opportunity arises when the whole of my current family are all in the same place, so thanks to Andrew for organising it and for Clive who came along especially before dashing off to another engagement.

Left to right as you look

Standing at back:

Amy, Andrew, John, Karen, Nick, Clive

Standing Middle:

Charlotte, Connor, Curtis


Maria, Annette


Joe with Brandy and Tia