30 June 2009

Gas Boiler

We knew for some time that we had an inefficient Boiler, which was costing us dearly, especially during the winter months. We therefore decided to have it replaced with one that is over 90% efficient instead of around 75%. This is now fitted and we have had it boxed in so that, approximately, the units match. Three photos show the relative stages.

Old Boiler

New Boiler

New Boiler - Boxed

12 June 2009

Jane McDonald

Maria, Annette and I recently went to see Jane McDonald at the Hall for Cornwall. The show was excellent with plenty of songs, mixed up with some comedic stories including plenty of references to "Loose Women". As backing, there were a musical director/keyboard player, a brass section of three, two guitarists, a drummer and three backing singers so plenty of noise. The theatre was almost full with the only two empty seats that we could see being right next to us. Speaking of seats, I must remember not to buy seats less than 10 feet from the speakers! I know that I am old, but I still like to guard my hearing.
As asides, I have two little stories associated with the audience members. When we were passing through the ticket checks, an elderly woman, using a wheeled walking aid, arrived very slowly and asked the ticket check lady for assistance to reach her seat; this happened to be almost immediately in front of us. The front of house manager duly arrived and she was helped to her seat. Very good of the theatre to be so concerned you might think! The trouble was that towards the end of the performance, this same woman suddenly got out of her seat unaided and got down to the stage rail and promptly jigged around quite happily.
The second story is about the woman immediately in front of me. She was very noisy and was obviously a great fan of Jane. I am not sure what was in her water bottle but, by the time the second half came around, she was, to put it politely rather sozzled. So much so that, at one stage, she slumped in her seat, leaned her head back onto my knee and fell asleep briefly! Sorry, I cannot understand the wish to pay good money to see a live concert and then not know what is going on. As Sir Terry would say "Is it me?"
Never mind, we all enjoyed ourselves, would recommend the show and would go again if we had the chance.

05 June 2009


May is over and June has started with a blast of Summer weather that has seen us having more barbecues in a week than we had in the whole of last year.
The foxes seem to have left us now so here is a last photo of all of the cubs, taken with a borrowed 35mm camera.
We have been watching the weather forecast keenly over the last few days, waiting for the news that it is going to rain. Well today, Friday, was the appointed date and, as today is the middle day of the Royal Cornwall Show, it seemed reasonable to assume that the rain would duly arrive. For that reason, I spent five hours yesterday cutting grass so that the rain would refresh everything and I wouldn't cause the grass to burn to a straw colour. Guess what? Today has dawned bright and sunny and the latest weather forecast suggests that we may get a shower tomorrow or Sunday!