29 July 2006

Garage Window

A First for me today - I replaced a window; the garage window frame was rotten on one side and rather than trying to get that replaced, I went out to the local reclamation yard and bought a brand new double glazed unit, which was part of bankrupt stock. Apparently they are very easy to fit (according to the chap who sold me it)!!!. Well what sounded like an hour’s job turned into a 6 hour marathon and even now the inside frame needs repairing. Anyway, it is now in and keeping the weather out so well done me. Before and after photos are shown; perhaps the new one is a bit “posh”, but who cares.

Garage Window - Before

Garage Window - After

19 July 2006

Redcap painting complete

Yippee - the house has been painted (outside) and the new look is shown in the photo below. OK so it doesn’t look so different but it does look fresh and Nick the painter has done a splendid job, saving my poor old shoulders and costing me money instead. He has also painted the kitchen which has changed colour significantly from a strong peach to a pale mushroom.

12 July 2006


For Father’s Day this year, Andrew and Amy bought me “Endurance” by Alfred Lansing. This is the story of Ernest Shackleton’s voyage to the Antarctic commencing in 1914. I have just finished reading it and although I knew something of the voyage, it was well worth reading what was an incredible story of survival. For anyone who hasn’t read it, I would strongly recommend it. I have just one criticism of the book; there is only one map included and it does not show a lot of the place names mentioned in the text, so, before you start, obtain good maps of Antarctica adjacent to the Weddell Sea and of South Georgia Island. Enjoy your read.