25 September 2006

Day out at Falmouth

Having now received our new Sat Nav and with a desire to drive the new car somewhere, we decided on Falmouth and I decided to let the Sat Nav take me there. The early stage was fine although I wasn’t really expecting to take the A3075. Having reached the A30 at Chyverton Cross we headed down the A30 and took the first turning off. Coming up to the roundabout, I was mildly surprised to be told to turn left instead of right. Off we went through Carharrack onto the Redruth to Falmouth road and so on to our destination. I think that is only the second time in 23 years that I have driven on that road. Truth to tell, it wasn’t a bad route especially as we missed both Truro and Redruth. On the way we got a “Running on Flat” warning so dropped into Ocean at Falmouth to have the system checked. It was OK and we did get free coffee and a lesson on what to do; apparently it will happen 2 or 3 times a year.
We parked up just below Pendennis Castle in the free car park and took a couple of photos.

Carrick Roads with St Anthony's Head in the background

We had a snack and a short rest then went into Falmouth to do a little shopping - I was a nervous wreck leaving the car in a public car park in a narrow space but it survived the challenge. We only bought a couple of new outside lights for the back of the house and a few odds and ends; that was enough shopping for me. Back at the car park at Pendennis, we sat and had a coffee and watched the world go by. It was quite breezy but otherwise very pleasant.
The surprise to me was that the Sat Nav wanted to bring us home a different way, including navigating Truro on Saturday afternoon. I would have thought that the way it took us was much better so went home that way anyway.

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