12 January 2008

Maria's Car

Having owned her Clio since it was new in 1998, Maria decide that it was time for a change in 2007. She has, for a long time now, wanted a 4 x 4, because they sit up high and give a better view of what is going on. Whilst we were waiting for the house to be finalised, we spent some time looking around and she fell in love with a 3 door RAV 4. I did try to persuade her to buy something more sensible but in the end, she decided that it was right for her so a couple of days before we actually moved house, there it was, sat on the drive at Redcap, along with its predecessor.

The Renault has now reverted to its original number plate and has stayed in the family, becoming a second car to Nick and Karen. We hope that it serves them as well as it did us, mind you it had only done about 22,000 miles in the 9 years that we had owned it!


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