07 February 2008

February Achievements


Just before the end of January, we managed to finish tidying up the Cornish Hedge down the side of the road; the following photograph shows just some of the dead vegetation that came out. The following day, the wind and rain started again so it was a case of "Just in time".


I had success with the exhaust on the Ride-on Mower; having bought two new bolts, I established that neither would fit due to the damaged threads on the manifold. I went to see my friendly Garage in Newquay who found out what size they were and lent me a Tap to try and clean up the threads. I managed to do this without too much trouble and everything went back together successfully; a road or grass test was satisfactory and a little quieter.
I wonder how many businesses would lend out equipment at no cost and with no deposit? So, many thanks go to Treglowns in Newquay, who have probably saved me quite a lot of money and time.


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