17 July 2008

July Update

So far July has been a time of consolidation in the garden but today saw a step forward with regard to our conifer patch, which has now been covered in gravel; hopefully, this will keep down the weeds and make upkeep that much easier. Compare the following photograph with the one in June.

17 Jul 2008

One other "improvement" has been the introduction of a 'Rabbit Fence' in front of the large conifers but behind the other bushes. This hasn't stopped Public Enemy Number 1 completely as I still have to seal off the space under the lower gate but I will get there in the end. Fortunately the couple that still find their way in haven't destroyed the "lawn", which is progressing reasonably well.

Now we are waiting for the families to arrive and fill up the house for three weeks. Let's hope that the weather improves so that the grandchildren can spend lots of time out of doors searching for Snakes, Frogs and Toads.

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Nettie said...

Not forgetting tennis, football, cricket, croquet and all the other items you have purchased for the children to play on your "cricket pitch" Dad. Oh and of course the new "tractor" Garden looking really good. Well done