27 November 2008

Wall - Build Finished

At last, Chris & Jason and their diggers have gone leaving us with the finished build as shown below. A big thank you is due to them, especially Chris who did the actual wall building. We believe that the entrance road to the house now looks so much better and we can be sure that nothing is going to collapse in the foreseeable future.

There is some work to do yet to tidy the whole thing up. As can be seen in the photo, there is one section of foliage that is very much higher than the rest. Hopefully, when we have some decent weather, Clive is going to help me level that off as he has done lower down.

The last thing to do is to level and re-seed the side of the road, which, as can be seen, is currently a patch of mud.


Nettie said...

What a transformation and what a good job they have done so quickly. Nettie

BEVERLEY said...

WOW !! What a difference it has made ,looks very smart .