04 August 2006

Call Up The Groups

A belated post to say that last week Maria and I went, with some friends to see “Call up the Groups” at the Hall for Cornwall. The groups involved, with some of their original members, were “Marmalade”, “Fortunes”, “Barron Knights” and “Tremeloes”. It was a good night, perhaps a little loud for my taste especially considering that the four lead and some of the secondary vocalists had very good voices which I found somewhat spoiled by the excess volumes employed. I especially enjoyed the rendition of Duelling Banjos (nasty film - great tune) between the lead guitarist of the Tremeloes, on Banjo, and one of the two lead guitars from the Barron Knights. There was also a rendition of the William Tell Overture by the four lead guitarists which was extremely well received. We got about 2½ hours of music for our money and we thought it good value.

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