13 August 2006

Dog Walking

The choice was: shopping in Truro with Maria or, looking after Annette’s dogs, whilst Mother and Daughter did the shopping. Difficult one that, but in the end I chose the dogs who always appreciate a walk.
It was, today, the usual walk across the road to the Barrowfields down to Tolcarne then back to Lusty Glaze, on to Porth and back home for a well earned coffee.

Windblown Brandy with Porth Island in the background

The weather was dry and warm but with a stiff breeze (see picture above) blowing which might be the reason why Porth Beach, pictured below, was remarkably empty for the middle of the holiday season at midday.

The dogs seemed to enjoy themselves although, as can be seen from the picture below, Tia was a little bored with it all.

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