17 April 2008

April Garden Update

Just a couple of photos to show what I have been up to during the month.
The first photo shows the main garden, which now has a border virtually the whole way round, although it is by no means finished. The grass has also been treated for moss so is looking a bit black in places. I managed to get the scarifier to work and took out a mound of dead moss and thatch. Hopefully, by the end of the summer, we should have a lawn instead of a patch of green stuff.

The second photo shows what I have done with all the turf that I have taken up and should be compared with the photo on the post from the 6th April.

The third photo has got nothing to do with the garden; it was taken on a recent walk with Annette's dogs from the top of our "mountain" and I rather like it.

1 comment:

Nettie said...

Lovely photo from the top of your "mountain". Getting quite arty nowadays