06 April 2008

April Plans

We have decided that the grass around the base of the conifers down the side of the main garden has got to go. It takes hours to cut because it has to be done largely by hand - even the strimmer does not do a proper job without damaging the tree trunks. I have started to cut out a border as can be seen in the following photograph (bottom four small conifers), with the intention of creating an easy maintenance border which can be cut right to the edge with the big mower.

So, what to do with all the turf and associated grass and weeds? The answer came to me after I remembered seeing the faces of bunkers built from turves. The "wall" adjacent to the road leading to the house looks quite precarious in places so I thought that I would start to re-face it with whatever I took out. The following photo shows the nature of the problem (well part of it anyway) and the first few turves in place. I will never be able to do the whole wall/hedge, but it will be fun seeing if I can make it look a little better. If we ever get a patio area outside of the conservatory, that will release some more turf. I will report back as I progress.

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Nettie said...

Looking good Dad. All your hard work is really paying off!!