03 January 2009

New Year - 2009

Whilst preparing for having the wall built, and tidying it up after it was completed, Clive and I moved a lot of foliage, turf and miscellaneous items into the lower field; this was done as a temporary measure because the ground was very soft and muddy and therefore difficult to use my little tractor to move anything. Now however, we have not had any rain since goodness knows when and the temperature has dropped, making the ground fairly hard, so I decided to shift the rubbish to its final resting place in the top field. I took this photo just after I started:

About ten trailer loads of earth, turf and foliage later and the removal of a bicycle wheel, several bottles, some unidentifiable metal, a couple of concrete posts and several large and smaller rocks, the field now looked much tidier and my shoulders ached!

Mouse update:

One more mouse has been relocated from the garage but there is at least one more because this morning I found the trap empty and on its side so they are getting cleverer by the day.

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