07 April 2009

Post Holiday Report

Ah well, back to the real world after two weeks in the sun (well - not quite) of Tenerife. We had a splendid time, especially the first week when the weather was much better than the second. We also had the pleasure of the company of Beryl & Ian whom we met last year. This came about when Maria & Beryl were talking on the phone a week or so before we went. Beryl was envious so Maria told her to come along as we have enough room in the apartment even if we do have to share a bathroom. Some rapid changing of work shifts and a quick flight booking and everything was fixed. If you read this Beryl, many thanks for your splendid company although I am not sure about all that encouragement that you gave Maria to go shopping.

Very kindly, Beryl & Ian treated us to a meal on the Thursday before they went home and we chose to go to the Hollywood Mirage where we had a splendid meal and listened to a very entertaining Beatles tribute band. Thanks folks.

The weather for the second week turned on the Saturday and we did not manage to get any sunbathing in for four days. This resulted in lots of walking and more shopping!! However the sun finally came back again and we had a couple of pleasant days around the pool at the Beverly Hills Heights with Victor, the Lifeguard, to look after us. What a great job he does.

Maria relaxing during a hard day's shopping

A Sunny spell but note the sky in the background!

Now that we are home, I have managed to tidy up the borders around the bottom of the garden as well as cut the grass, including the bottom of the lower field. I have also erected Andrew & Amy's birthday present, which is a new bird feeder. I haven't seen the birds using it yet but I expect that they will get used to it soon. After a winter of being missing, we have seen a pair of Goldfinches back with us. No Greenfinches yet and only one Chaffinch, which is disappointing.

One of our bird feeding stations with the latest addition

During the late Autumn, I planted about 200 mixed daffodil bulbs and about 40 Hyacinths, the latter coming from Annette's contacts at Newquay Hospital. The results have been splendid for a first year and hopefully next year they will be fully established..

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