26 April 2009

Roseveare in Bloom

As anyone who has ever visited us here in Gothers will know, our garden is usually a collection of different shades of green. The garden was planted with a large variety of different shrubs with a view to ease of maintenance. During the Spring, however, we do get some colour from the daffodils and various other plants so I thought that I would just show a few pictures that I have taken over the last couple of weeks.


Tulips, Azalea & Berberis in the rockery

Tulips & Primula

Tulips in front of Pieris



I have a particular reason for including this last photo, which will become apparent in a future Blog.

1 comment:

Nettie said...

Lovely colourful photos Dad. I haven't heard a hint on what the future blog is about re the gorse, so will wait with bated breath!!! Keep up the hard work.