12 May 2009

Fox Cubs

Today has been an interesting day. I was busy doing some gardening and dog sitting. As Tia and I were walking back from a visit to the top field, I heard a rustling in the ground behind the hedge in the bottom field. As I walked across the field, thinking that I would see one of the local farmer's Jack Russells, two Fox Cubs appeared about twenty yards away. They didn't stay long before disappearing back into the wilds. I walked back to the house to get my camera and decided to get the dogs back in the house. As I got the dogs in, one of the Cubs appeared back in the field and Maria, Annette & I spent quite a long time watching him/her before he/she disappeared again, to be seen climbing up the hillside and playing with the second cub. I did get a photo of one in the field, but could really do with a real camera with a telephoto lens for this sort of work. Anyway, here is the long distance shot and a photo, taken a little later, of Tia on guard.

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