31 May 2008

May Update

As the last day of May 2008 emerges from the Cornish mist, I thought that I would review odds and ends that have happened.

Before I start, I would like to carry out a survey of anyone who is reading this so, click on Comment and just say hello, or make a comment, and I will then know that I am not just talking to two people - thanks.

Today, for the first time, I saw two Goldfinches on the feeder at the same time. Also this month, for the first time since we moved here, I have seen the odd Starling; I would have expected more of them. A couple of days ago I saw some sort of hawk, maybe Sparrowhawk, being mobbed by three crows. The only other bird of prey seen was a lone Buzzard. We could do with something, anyone got a Harris Hawk?, a shotgun?, or are related to the Dingles in Emmerdale? (or Peggy Armstrong in Heartbeat) to deal with:

These very cute animals are breeding like, well rabbits and are everywhere. I shall have to erect more protective fencing to deter them from reaching the garden.

This one was about 6" long!!

Most of the flowers in the garden are on shrubs but I did like this photograph of the Arum Lily that is just outside the conservatory:

In parts of the garden I encourage wild flowers, particularly Foxgloves; the ones shown below I found in the top field and was so taken with that I transplanted some onto the Turf Wall. Now, who is the expert who can tell me what they are?

Finally, as it has been a tremendous time for May Blossom, I have included the following photo of part of the bank adjacent to our lower field. The yellow bush is Broom but is past its best and the Rhododendrons are not fully formed yet.

And so to June, I wonder what it will bring?


BEVERLEY said...

The plant on the top of the turf wall is called "poached egg" don't know what the offical latin name is !!

On the starling issue you can have some of ours , every time I put food out for the birds at least 20 starlings and now their young consume it in 5 mins flat .


JDT said...

Thanks Bev - apparently the Latin name is Limnanthes douglassi so now you know!!


Nettie said...

Hi Dad. Not sure if you wanted me to say "hello" as you know I read your blog as often as I can but anyway "hello".

Amy said...

Hello :)