25 May 2008


It has been our plan for some time to have a patio outside the conservatory, well, yesterday that plan came to fruition. The delivery of the slabs etc. caused some concern as I persuaded the lorry driver to come into the field so that the delivery was as close as possible to where it was needed. The lorry got into the field OK but getting out again proved more difficult and, when he finally extracted himself from the entrance track, I spent an hour or so repairing the track and sweeping mud from the road!!

I had done some of the preparation by removing the turf so Dan and Ashley (who I persisted in calling Adrian!!) turned up about 09:45 and left at about 17:00 with the following results:



Whilst he was there, I asked Dan if he could finish off the job by tidying up the end of the wall that butts up to the patio. We then thought that it would be a good idea to have a gate into the field as well so, hopefully, later this week he is coming back with a gate. After that, all we shall need is some decent weather, the barbecue dusted down, the patio furniture oiled and we shall be ready to go.

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