25 May 2008

Ride-on Mower

Last week was a disaster for my elderly Hayter 13/30. I had been using it mostly for towing my little trailer full of turf and soil etc., but had decided to cut part of the top field. All went well but it suddenly clogged up and when I had removed all the grass I started up again only to find that every time I selected the drive for the cutters, the engine stopped. After some preliminary investigation, I decided that, without a workshop and a means of taking the cutting assembly apart, I was going to get nowhere.

A decision had to be made:
1. Get it repaired.
2. Buy a second hand one or new one and sell the old one on Ebay.
3. Put the broken one in as part exchange.

After seemingly hours on the internet, I was no nearer to a solution so on Monday, I took myself off to my local mower stockist to investigate the possibilities. Options to repair were discussed and to be very fair with them, they would have collected it and told me the cost before proceeding. One of the problems is that the grass does not stop growing at this time of the year. In the end, I decided to put it in part exchange for a new one. The exchange value was more than I expected and the exchange would take place within about 6 days so that suited me. Having consulted Maria we decided to proceed and set the wheels in motion.

Saturday saw the arrival of the new machine, so I had another toy to play with, and I did.

Brandy - A little concerned!

Whilst the patio was being laid, I cut all the paths in the top field, then the whole of the lower one. At the end of the day I used the towing facility to move yet more turf and earth to the wall and promptly ran out of fuel on the entrance road!!


Amy said...

Wow - that's looks fun. I look forward to a ride :)


Amy said...

Oh dear, it would appear that I may have made a boo-boo. I am allowed to say that last comment to a man who has quite recently become my father-in-law? Feel free to edit!!!