21 January 2007


Last Sunday - 14 Jan 2007 - Maria and I decided to have an afternoon out and, as we haven’t been since the disastrous floods of August 2004, Boscastle was the chosen place. There is still much to be done, but work is progressing and I suppose that much renovation work that may never have been done, has been done because of the devastation. However, I am sure that the people of Boscastle would much rather have done without that day.
The Visitor Centre, which used to be in the Car Park, is now much closer to the harbour and has all the newsreels from the fateful day running on a continuous loop; it is a humbling experience to watch the pictures again and to try and imagine the cars floating past this building into the sea. Apparently, one of the exhibitions from the Old Visitor Centre turned up in South Wales!

Anyway we had a very pleasant day and the photograph below shows what a lovely setting this village has, even in mid January.

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