03 January 2007

Computer Ramblings

For some time now, Andrew has been telling me just how good Apple Macs are. I must admit that when I saw Amy’s Dad’s machine on our brief visit in October, I thought that it was a great looking machine that saved an enormous amount of space. Imagine my surprise when a large box was wheeled in on Christmas morning. Maria and Andrew had conspired together and she had bought me a similar machine to the one I had seen in October. Now I know that I don’t show my feelings in an extrovert fashion and this occasion was probably no different but I was thrilled and speechless because I had absolutely no idea that she was going to get it. Now my troubles started, with Andrew doing his best to teach me how to use it and explain the difference in Operating Systems between it and a Windows operated PC. I am still learning, but am slowly getting the hang of it.

Above is a photo of the whole thing; as can be seen, it is more like a Laptop stood on end with the keyboard separate. It is very quick and quiet with a 17″ screen and I am sure that, as time goes by, I will find many attributes and benefits. Thanks to all involved in the subterfuge - much appreciated.

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