21 January 2007

Dog Walking

This weekend, Maria and Annette decided to do their shopping together so I volunteered to do Dog Walking instead of shopping.

We left Newquay Boating Lake nice and clean as can be seen from the dog’s appearance below.

We crossed over the Gannel Link Road and then across the wooden bridge to walk down the far side of the Gannel towards Crantock. This was the first time I had done this in the 23 years we have lived here and I won’t be doing it again in a hurry. I expected it to be muddy and the dogs, especially the low-slung Tia were filthy before we had gone 50 yards. Eventually we got past the mud onto the sand, which is where it got very difficult with me sinking up to 2″ with every step. I spotted another bridge in the distance and decided that I would try and cross there to avoid all the mud on the way back. What an effort; I really must get more exercise. We eventually got across and it was certainly much easier on the Newquay side coming back. We finished with a walk around the Lake to help dry off the dogs.

We started this walk from the car park at West Pentire, walking down to Port Joke and then up the coastal path towards Holywell Bay. It takes about 20 minutes for me to reach the headland on the south side of Porth Joke and my calves were suffering by the time we got there as most of it is uphill and we were walking into a stiff breeze. The dogs thought it was wonderful of course. I took a couple of photos of the “white-out sea”, one of which is below.

As the weather seemed about to take a turn for the worse (large black cloud approaching), we carried on to the top of the hill before turning back for home. Instead of following the footpath all the way, we went down on to the beach when we were able; this allowed the dogs to go absolutely mad, chasing each other through the little puddles. That is until they charged full pelt into one puddle which was about 18″ deep” and came to a very rapid halt. It didn’t seem to worry them much and they kept on with their game. I decided to go straight across the beach and climb up the rocks to the footpath which skirts the North side of the beach, hoping that the dogs would run around in the grass and get a little drier. As can be seen by the following photograph, I was only partially successful.

Never mind, it was good fun and we had a nice coffee and doggy treats when we got home - JDT.

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