03 January 2007

New Year Update - Part 3

01 Jan 2007 - Land’s End
We had arranged for friends Dot and John to take us to Land’s End for our traditional New Year’s Day visit. We set off at about 10:45 with the weather in Newquay grey but fairly warm and, most importantly, dry. We arrived about an hour later to a bleak and very windy day and as we walked towards the restaurant, it started to rain; the trouble was that the rain was coming in horizontally and felt like icicles against any bare skin. We took refuge in the hotel/restaurant/cafe and after some rather bizarre circumstances, which I do not wish to go into here, we had a snack and drink until the squall cleared. We eventually ventured outside and took a few photographs before beating a hasty retreat to John’s car and the hour’s journey back home again.

For those that really know me, please note that, in the photo above, I am wearing Jeans, but to maintain my standards, although it cannot be seen in the photo, I am wearing the obligatory Turner Tie.

Dot and John stayed for a Roast Beef dinner with Fresh Fruit salad and/or Trifle for afters. This was topped off with a tot of Limoncello, which, for those not in the know, is a rather pleasant Italian after dinner Liqueur, very Lemon and at 34% by volume, fairly strong. We had a quiet evening listening to music and discussing the various attributes of MP3 players and I was at last able to help someone else with a demonstration of how to load the contents, or part, of a CD onto the IPOD.

Now I am back at work - great.

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